New Beginnings

As everyone knows, new beginnings must happen. In the past 3 months, two pretty cool things have happened to/for me.

For starters, I am writing this blog post in Open Live Writer. One of the best things Microsoft has done is open source many of its technologies. Who ever thought that would happen?!

Years ago I wrote about how easy it is to blog with Live Writer. Then Microsoft ‘killed’ it. Well guess what, it is alive and well today. Can’t wait for the plug-ins to get re-written and ready to go.

The second big thing I did, was to change jobs. I don’t do that often or make the decision lightly. The perfect opportunity opened itself to me in October. After deliberation and many conversations with my better half, I decide to make the move. I am now the Senior Customer Service Engineer for Dynamicweb NA. The technical challenges happen almost daily. I am once again stoked to go to work.

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