Log Parser Lizard

I am sure I am not the only query challenged IT person out there. I admit it. There are other things I would prefer to learn/play around with so it is pretty low on my list to figure out.

Logparser is an excellent utility for querying text-based data. It is a command line based utility that uses SQL queries to parse logs for troubleshooting and information gathering. This can come in very handy when trying to locate IPs that are part of a brute force attack or even to see what pages are returning specific status codes such as 500 from IIS logs. Now as I mentioned earlier, I am query challenged so what takes my colleagues 10 minutes to setup, I am still fighting with hours later.

Enter Log Parser Lizard. This is a free to use GUI interface for Microsoft Logparser utility. Log Parser Lizard has quite a few built-in queries for the different types of text files that you can query. There are ‘buttons’ or folders for Active Directory, Event Logs, Facebook FQL, File System, IIS Logs, Log4Net, and T-SQL. My main use for the application is to parse IIS Logs. The default queries include the ability to query for file types, IP address ranges, ASP app errors, users, and HTTP Status codes to name a few. The Log Parser Lizard has much more information about the product so I would refer you there for additional information.

I hope you find this utility as helpful as I do.

Terri is a Support Specialist at OrcsWeb, a hosted server company providing managed hosting solutions.