Blog Migration

With the impending shutdown of Cytanium, the time had come for me to migrate my site to a new host. I decided to check out the SherWeb offerings based on the discount they are providing for Cytanium customers. Since I use WordPress as my blogging application, my new host had to support php and MySQL.

After looking at the plans offered by SherWeb, I decided to go with Linux Expert hosting. To save you one contact with support, be sure to mention in the order that you are going to be using WordPress and need php safe mode set to Off. There were a few contributing factors to this decision. The Starter Hosting options (for both Windows and Linux hosting) do not include MySQL database support and you can not upgrade to include this support. The Windows Expert hosting plan supports MySQL and php as an optional add-on product but not within the base cost of the hosting package. Honestly, this just placed SherWeb out of what I was willing to pay for my hosting solution. Luckily, WordPress is a php/MySQL application so the underlying web server has less impact on a migration than other web applications may have.

I started working on my migration. There are a few things to be aware of before beginning. The installation location of the WordPress files on your existing host is important to know. If it is installed in a folder rather than the root, you will have to account for that folder structure when you migrate your site to the new host. Also, if your domain will be changing, you will also need to make those changes in the database for migration. Here is the guide that I followed to complete the migration over to SherWeb. A few notes, I did move my site to the root of my hosting before starting the migration. This was for ease of migration only since I do not have any other application that I am hosting.

I used the free BackWPup plugin to complete the migration. I enabled backing up everything. Once the backup was completed, I copied the zip file to my local hard drive and unzipped it to be ready to ftp my data up to SherWeb once I was ready for that step.

I logged into my Control Panel at SherWeb and installed WordPress with the click of a button.



This was the easiest way for me to configure my database name and user and ensure that all rights were assigned correctly. I used the same db name, user, and password as my previous host so I would not have to manually update any configuration files. Once the the install was completed, the fun part started.

I used FTP to upload my web files into the root of my hosting plan. SherWeb provides phpMyAdmin for administering your MySQL databases. From the interface, I was able to import my existing data into the new database.

I was able to preview my site and ensure functionality before updating DNS to point to the new location. Today, my blog is running on our parent company’s shared platform. All in all, it was a easy migration. Hopefully this information will make your migration from Cytanium over to SherWeb painless as well.

Terri is a Microsoft MVP (ASP .NET/IIS), an MCSA: Windows Server 2012, and a Cloud Administrator at OrcsWeb, a hosted server company providing managed hosting solutions