Email configuration on Galaxy devices

Today I received a request to reach out and help one of our clients configure his device to access his OrcsWeb hosted email account. Since this is a question that comes up often, I decided to write up the directions and include screenshots for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (which is the device that I personally use). The steps to access the Add Account option may be slightly different on other Samsung Galaxy devices but the required data, i.e., POP3 and SMTP email server, will match this walkthrough. For hosted email accounts, the username is always the entire email address for the account being configured.

To begin with, you need to access your phones Settings. You can do that either via the Settings icon, if you have it on one of your screens or by accessing the menu key and selecting Settings. I did the 2nd option.


You will then see the Settings menu for your phone. Scroll down until you see Accounts and then the Add account option.


Press Add account. You will see a list of account that you can select. We are going to select Email.


Once you press Email, you will see the initial configuration screen to setup your new account. The account that I am going to setup is Enter your email address and the password for the account on this screen. You can click Show password to ensure you typed it correctly, especially if it has special characters.


Next press Manual setup. We are going to setup a POP3 account.


Press POP3 and you will get to the Incoming server settings screen.


Update your username if needed to include the email domain. Your password will be copied over to this screen. Update the POP3 server to be Press Next to proceed to the Outgoing server settings.


Update the SMTP server to and check the Require sign-in box. All other data will be copied from the previous screen. Click Next and configure your sync options.


Press Next to move to the screen to complete the mail configuration.


Press Done and you are ready to begin sending and receiving your emails from your OrcsWeb hosted email account.

Hopefully you will find this walkthrough useful when configuring your new Samsung Galaxy devices.

Terri is a Support Specialist at OrcsWeb, a hosted server company providing managed hosting solutions.