A look back

I am sure that everyone faces a crossroads in their professional careers. For me, that happened a little over 4 years ago. I knew that my time was coming to an end with LendingTree and I had started the search for my next position. Unlike most of my peers that stayed within the industry, I knew that I would not be happy working for a bank. That being said, I found a few postings that looked very interesting. One was a project management ‘consulting’ position. The other, a job that a wonderful friend of mine had alerted me to a year prior. I was not ready to move-on at that time but I kept in close contact with the company, just in case. After multiple interviews (including one that I totally thought I had blown), I had a decision to make. I was lucky in that I had a couple of choices. Now was the time to weigh my options and make the decision that I felt to be best for me. Yes, I created a good/bad list and evaluated both options. In the end, I chose to accept a position with OrcsWeb.

Today, I can honestly say that I made the absolute best choice. I have had nothing but support and more learning opportunities than I ever thought were possible. I have been lucky enough to work with some great people that do not mind teaching what they know. I have broken things, and resolved very complex problems, and simply provided insight into issues that I had seen before. I became active on the IIS forums (this has been the application that I have supported for more years than most people even realize exist). I started working in the security arena for IIS with CI Security. I was awarded Microsoft MVP for asp.net/IIS (emphasis on the IIS). I even got the pleasure of working as a Technical Reviewer on a Microsoft class which focused on IIS Administration. I have spoken at a few user groups. I even travelled all the way from South Carolina to Dallas once.

All of the preceding text is simply a way for me to say “Thank You” to the Kingleys for giving me this opportunity. My teammates have been awesome and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

Terri is a Microsoft MVP (ASP .NET/IIS), an MCSA: Windows Server 2012, and It Infrastructure Specialist at OrcsWeb, a Sherweb Company that offers managed hosting solutions

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