A look back

I am sure that everyone faces a crossroads in their professional careers. For me, that happened a little over 4 years ago. I knew that my time was coming to an end with LendingTree and I had started the search for my next position. Unlike most of my peers that stayed within the industry, I knew that I would not be happy working for a bank. That being said, I found a few postings that looked very interesting. One was a project management ‘consulting’ position. The other, a job that a wonderful friend of mine had alerted me to a year prior. I was not ready to move-on at that time but I kept in close contact with the company, just in case. After multiple interviews (including one that I totally thought I had blown), I had a decision to make. I was lucky in that I had a couple of choices. Now was the time to weigh my options and make the decision that I felt to be best for me. Yes, I created a good/bad list and evaluated both options. In the end, I chose to accept a position with OrcsWeb.

Today, I can honestly say that I made the absolute best choice. I have had nothing but support and more learning opportunities than I ever thought were possible. I have been lucky enough to work with some great people that do not mind teaching what they know. I have broken things, and resolved very complex problems, and simply provided insight into issues that I had seen before. I became active on the IIS forums (this has been the application that I have supported for more years than most people even realize exist). I started working in the security arena for IIS with CI Security. I was awarded Microsoft MVP for asp.net/IIS (emphasis on the IIS). I even got the pleasure of working as a Technical Reviewer on a Microsoft class which focused on IIS Administration. I have spoken at a few user groups. I even travelled all the way from South Carolina to Dallas once.

All of the preceding text is simply a way for me to say “Thank You” to the Kingleys for giving me this opportunity. My teammates have been awesome and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.

Terri is a Microsoft MVP (ASP .NET/IIS), an MCSA: Windows Server 2012, and It Infrastructure Specialist at OrcsWeb, a Sherweb Company that offers managed hosting solutions

Techie blog

So I decided the time has come to create a technical oriented blog. As you know, we all have so many facets of our lives that a single blog really isn’t practical. People that are interested in the technical aspect of my life, from gaming to system administration, probably aren’t all that interested in artwork and books that I love or my pups. The people that know me and love me for the many passions that I have probably aren’t interest in technical blogs. Let’s face it, we are a community unto ourselves, but even our spouses/significant others really don’t care about our techie stuff.