4 years and counting

Four years ago today, I was sitting at my camp working and anxiously waiting to hear if I had been awarded the MVP Award from Microsoft. Today, I did the same thing – the waiting that is. The program has changed drastically since October 2015 and I know the road to 5 will be extremely difficult. As an IIS MVP, I was one of a very few that were awarded. Now that the focus has moved to more cloud/device based, this makes my emphasis an even smaller piece of the whole. Thankfully, there are still people that run VMs and physical servers that need IIS expertise so that is where my focus will remain. I am a SysAdmin who ‘lives’ in the development arena now that IIS falls under Visual Studio and Development Technologies. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have that you think I can help with.

Once again, Thank You Microsoft for the honor of being awarded MVP status.

IIS Troubleshooting

Recently I wrote a troubleshooting blog for work that uses a couple built-in Windows/IIS features and finally Debug Diagnostics to determine root cause of high CPU usage for a website. The referenced utilities were the Worker Processes feature of IIS, Resource Monitor, and DebugDiag. By using these 3 free utilities, you can diagnose long running pages/queries, determine if the process is waiting on a response from IIS or SQL or another external call, and possibly even find the resolution for the problem by taking a process dump and evaluating it. Check out the full blog post here.

Terri is a Microsoft MVP (ASP .NET/IIS), an MCSA: Windows Server 2012, and a Support Specialist at OrcsWeb, a hosted server company providing managed hosting solutions