What a great year

A year ago I decided to make  career move. I would be leaving a company with years of existence and going to a start-up. This brought a lot of angst and plenty of heartburn, but I decided to do it. A year later, I couldn’t be more proud of my decision. We have growing pains as all start-ups do, but I truly believe my contributions are having an impact on our future. It is difficult to branch out and expand my MVP status, but I am where I belong right now. I just got back from the 2016 MVP Summit and had to work more than I have ever had to. But working side by side with Scott Forsyth has been worth every minute of anguish I have felt. We did get to meet with the IIS team this year. I am also going to be working on a book. That is new ground for me. I have been to Denmark and worked more hours than I have in years before, but I am challenged and respected and needed in a way that I never have been. I do still work actively on the CI Security Benchmark for IIS and also speak at User Group meetings when I can. Here is to a very productive 2017 year (5th MVP year) and a profitable Dynamicweb NA venture. We can do this. Smile