What a great year

A year ago I decided to make  career move. I would be leaving a company with years of existence and going to a start-up. This brought a lot of angst and plenty of heartburn, but I decided to do it. A year later, I couldn’t be more proud of my decision. We have growing pains as all start-ups do, but I truly believe my contributions are having an impact on our future. It is difficult to branch out and expand my MVP status, but I am where I belong right now. I just got back from the 2016 MVP Summit and had to work more than I have ever had to. But working side by side with Scott Forsyth has been worth every minute of anguish I have felt. We did get to meet with the IIS team this year. I am also going to be working on a book. That is new ground for me. I have been to Denmark and worked more hours than I have in years before, but I am challenged and respected and needed in a way that I never have been. I do still work actively on the CI Security Benchmark for IIS and also speak at User Group meetings when I can. Here is to a very productive 2017 year (5th MVP year) and a profitable Dynamicweb NA venture. We can do this. Smile

Microsoft MVP Renewal

Last year on July 1st, I was anxiously waiting to hear if I had been awarded my first Microsoft MVP award for ASP.Net/IIS. Fast forward a year, and here I was waiting again to see if the ‘Congratulations 2014 Microsoft MVP!’ email was received. The MVP Award is for the previous year of community work in which you participated. For me, this included providing assistance via forums.iis.net, actively working with the Center for Internet Security on IIS related security benchmarks, doing my first speaking engagement for the Dallas asp.net User Group (thanks for the invitation Toi Wright – we’ll have to do it again), technical reviewer for a Microsoft IIS Administration training class, and blogging on my personal blog site and my company’s blog sites. I have been fairly active in the community but also know people that have been nominated that did not receive the award. I am pleased to announce that I have again received the award.


Once again, thank you Microsoft for the Award and I look forward to the upcoming year.

Terri is a Microsoft MVP (ASP .NET/IIS), an MCSA: Windows Server 2012, and a Support Specialist at OrcsWeb, a hosted server company providing managed hosting solutions